Fedup on stuffy noses.


How a food taste is truly a complex procedure that relies on multiple regions of your toung. But then there is texture, tempature, various other factors that really come into play when you bite into a gooey piece of your favorite pizza or slup up a spoonful of crunchy cereal. But one thing many people tend to oversee is the crital role that smell plays. The sent of food actually has a HUGE job in determining what something will taste like to you, and I have heard that your nose is more important than your tastebuds when it comes to truly savoring food. So if you have a congested nose, every bite of your dinner will be that much more bland and unexciting. I now make it a habbit to blow my nose before any dish where the beautiful sent is just too important to risk getting lost.

But unfortunately there are variables far more unpredictable that can destroy the fragrant wifts that steam up from something pulled right out of the oven. I love a ridiculously expenseive cave-aged Grueyere cheese. When I take out a small loan to fianice my love for this little luxury, I carefully plan how I am going to use evey last morsel of it. My favorite dish with this is to melt it over a roasted garlic, mushroom, broccoli pizza. When I pull it out of our insanely over-uesed toaster oven, the smell is something I truly cherish. I will then join our lazy dog Dozer our couch in front of my favorite TV show with a frosty glass of my favorite root beer. The world will seem perfect as the my show begins, I take a sip from the nearly frozen drink, and the goregouse fragrance of meleted gruyere reaches my nosreals with is earthy, deep beautiful stench. Then Dozer, our French Bulldog looks up at me with jealous eyes. He knows that this dish is ALL mine, not a crumb will be dropped for him to clean up. I ignore Dozer’s jealous glances until my perfect world begins to fall apart. The hairs on the back of my neck stick up, my eyes go wide, and the smell of melty Swiss cheese is suddenly overpowered by the unbelivabley powerful invisible deamon that is a dog fart.

Damn dog. Like all of man’s best friends, he knows where I am weakest. And while Dozer manages to show unconditional love, he can be extrely hearless sometimes.

There is nothing to combat the dog fart. But if its not a dog fart, there there are numeriouse other things that can rob a dish of its smell and soul. And while I was a cub scout for many years and strongly belive in “always being prepeared,” there is only so much you can do.

We all have certain foods that produce a sent that just triggers us. What foods create smells that you wish you could buy in candle-form to replace all those stupid sparkling-mountain-sunrise crap scents that all our wives seem to love cluttereing up the shelves with.

The balance of the sensens

Not to sound like a cheesey fortune cookine; but Chinese folklore (or at least according to my 9th grade language teacher) claims that a meal must appease multiple senses. That taste, smell, AND the appearance of a dish all balance out to the reaval the outcome of a preparefe food.



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