Gruyere Cheese Pizza

Mr. Fed Up Pizza (Gruyere Edition);

A good quality cave aged Gruyere cheese from Switzerland has a wonderful strong taste that does not get overpowered by the other ingredents. Plus it melts nicely. The use of the Swiss cheese, chives, and all the thyme really make this pizza vastly different from your typical Italian flavored pizza, giving you something different and unique that can easily become something you start to crave more often then the boring stuff that you get from a delivery service or find in the freezer aisle.

Melted Swiss Gruyere cheese and roasted garlic make this Fed Up pizza one of our favorites

Ingredients: Lavash or any kind of flatbread (I use Joseph’s brand Lavash). White sauce (mix of tomato and alfredo sauce), caramelized onions, grilled/cooked portabelo mushrooms, shredded mozzarella cheese, shredded Gruyere cheese, fresh spinach, full bulb of garlic (roasted), fresh broccoli; seasonings: thyme, garlic powder, fresh ground pepper, chives, oregano, basil, crushed red pepper.

Get oven/Toaster Oven on and set to 400. Roast a full bulb of garlic in oven and caramelize half a yellow onion in a pan on stove. Slice up mushrooms in halfs and throw in pan with onions to cook. Place lavash flat bread on preheated pizza stone and then throw on a thin layer of pizza sauce followed by seasonings. Then layer on the cooked onions, some motezzarella cheese, and the cooked mushrooms. Cover the entire pizza with a layer of fresh spinach topped with broccoli. Place in oven near broiler so that broccoli cooks and gets a nice char. After a few minutes move to lower rack and lower heat to 375 and cook until broccoli is tender. Then pull out and add roasted garlic (in full cloves) followed by the shredded Gruyere cheese. Top with some chives and fresh ground pepper and place back in oven (lower rack) until cheese is melted. Once finished, add some more chives and fresh gound pepper…..its amazing!

Of course there are many variations on this, but the Fed Up team has found that this is a great balance.


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