Sushi: Art We Eat

Custom ordered sushi that the Fed Up crew always asks the sushi chef to make

This is a very simple argument…Sushi has to be one of the most beautiful meals that can be served. Each roll is a piece of art that the whole Fed Up team pauses and appreciates before we quickly move in with our chop sticks. While there are plenty of other “designer dishes” that come to the table on fire, or with some other cheap form of aesthetic appeal; sushi that is simply placed on a plate is a true thing of beauty …and it taste pretty damn good too. Even the cheap stuff from the grocery store can still look amazing, especially when compared to the usual pre-made junk found in the coolers near the deli.


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Author:Mr. Fed Up

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  1. Buy This Bar | Fed Up Food - March 16, 2012

    […] are important to energy bars too. While it may not have the aesthetics  of a beautifully laid out sushi platter, the Promax Cookies and Cream bar does a nice job of looking tasty by using a cream colored […]

  2. Greasy Beauty | Fed Up Food - April 18, 2012

    […] got me thinking that there needs to be more food-based artwork in this world. Portraits are over done, flowers are boring, and you can’t eat landscapes. […]

  3. Carrots DON’T Have Kids | Fed Up Food - April 21, 2012

    […]  BUT, I am willing to pay a premium for something that justifies it. A hand-crafted cheese or a sushi roll made with exotic ingredients for example. “Baby”  fruits and vegetables that are TRULY […]

  4. Kitchen Confusion | Fed Up Food - May 1, 2012

    […] simple and delicious meal; it is COMPLETELY different from the tuna you expect to be served in some quality sushi. Yet we often just use the term “tuna” with no further descriptions and hope for  the […]

  5. Replacing Family Photos With Pizza Potraits | Fed Up Food - May 14, 2012

    […] have commented before on the beauty of pizzas, and how sushi is more art than entrée. I am just never bored with beautiful food […]

  6. Empty Bread Baskets and Naked Tables | Fed Up Food - June 6, 2012

    […] has been in the toilet bowl for too many years now. We are all starting to suffer. I have cut my sushi intake to only once a week, my gourmet cheese purchases have been getting supplemented with Kraft […]

  7. Sweet Tea Is SOUTHERN…Not Swiss | Fed Up Food - June 22, 2012

    […] and they just plain pissed. The whole idea, does not make sense. It is like Taco Bell selling sushi or if Krispy Kreme started offering hot-yoga classes alongside their hot dougunts…You […]

  8. Free Expectations | Fed Up Food - June 25, 2012

    […] of our favorite sushi spots ALWAYS gives our table an impressive ‘amuse-bouche.’ Before I go any further, I […]

  9. Protein Bars Judged By Iron Chef | Fed Up Food - July 19, 2012

    […] hurts to ask for a promotion or some sort of discount….Now if I could just get our local sushi place to start handing out […]

  10. Pizza ‘Posers’ | Fed Up Food - August 8, 2012

    […] cooking techniques, that does not need to be attempted in potato-chip from. What is next?!? Sushi flavored Saltines? (actually sushi-Saltines sound kind of […]

  11. Sushi, ALWAYS a Best Bite | Fed Up Food - October 19, 2012

    […] Not only does it taste amazing, but the presentation of a plate full of sushi is a true piece of art. […]

  12. Know Your FACTS: Making Crap Tasty | Fed Up Food - April 25, 2013

    […] it on grill pan. I rotated the thing 90 degrees mid-way thorough the cooking process to create that aesthetically pleasing ‘cross-hatch’ pattern on the outside. Suddenly the blank-white page of my tortilla had […]

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