Japanese Eggplant; Simple Dish That Always Impresses

We always seem to stick with the familiar…that’s boring. When the Fed Up crew gets together for a homemade meal, We try to make something unique. We like food, but clever meals made with unique things is always a great combo…. especially when they are quick to make (because I am lazy) and impress the guests (because I am a showoff). 

We had made a bunch of dishes for the first time, the other night when some friends were over. These roasted Japanese eggplants turned out amazingly well and we plan to make them in the future once some more Japanese eggplants grow in our garden. It was sad to see the plants this morning with nothing growing on them except for a few very small eggplants, but it was well worth it.

Slice Japanese eggplant in half, score the cut side and place cut side down on nonstick coated baking tray. Back at 375-400 for 15 minutes (watch closely, because Japanese eggplants cook alot faster then US eggplants, and you don’t want the eggplant to loose all structure), look for skin to wrinkle a little bit. Take out of oven and I spread some sesame oil across cut side. I then topped with just a little Japanese seasoning I got while in Hong Kong (it pretty much uses red pepper, sesame seed, seaweed, orange peel, and a few other spices). This gave it just a little kick. To be honest though, the eggplant on its own would have tasted great too.

It’s a great appetizer that everyone can pick at with chopsticks. It’s simple, easy to make, and everyone hears baked Japanese eggplant and suddenly feels like they are getting served a gourmet delicacy.


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