The Big Lie: Brussels Spouts

It is a huge conspiracy theory…just a giant lie. All my life I have been told how nasty brussls sprouts are.

I avoided them all my life. But then I saw it, a huge bag of the the little green balls for dirt cheap… Me being as stingy as I am, I thought I would give it a try.

Ignore the lies: brussels spouts make good food

Roasted brussels sprouts with a extra virgin olive oil and some seasonings… I never thought I would actually want to eat brussels sprouts, but this was very good. Definitely something I would make again. Plus eating a “sophisticated vegetable” like this makes me feel all grown up… Now if I can just stop watching cartoons every morning.

The nutty flavor of the sprouts is amazing once they get a little crispy and roasted. Yes, the flavor is strong, but strong flavors alone are not a bad thing. The flavor of the sprouts just needs to be paired correctly with complimentary ingredients, like the right cheese (pecorino romano) or a good amount of thyme. Also, brussels sporuts like so many other amazing foods, like garlic and squid, can be a real pain in the ass to cook the right way. Cooked not enough, and you get a disgusting bitter taste. Cooked too much and the burnt spouts can leave you thinking you just ate a mouthful of charcoal. But if you can roast them, so the are cooked all the way through, and have a slight char on the exterior…jackpot. I steam them in the microwave a bit then roast them on high heat to accomplish this perfect balance. Oh, and besides tasting amazing, they are heathy.

Anyway, I just may have to reconsider fruitcake and maybe even that uniquely British food: Marmite….

So stop listening to what the eveyone else says, it could just be lies and coverups. I am fed up with all that nonsense. Instead realize that we are all gifted with our own little Yoda, deep down inside of us, pointing in the direction that of all that is good (and tasty). Listen to your most trustworthy guide, your stomach.


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8 Comments on “The Big Lie: Brussels Spouts”

  1. April 4, 2012 at 12:13 am #

    Love that your stingy and enjoyed your blog! Keep up the good work.


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