Down and Dirty: Fed Up with Messy Meals

I love a good meal. But some meals are just scary at how messy they leave you feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem tearing into a platter of boiled crawfish and having that wonderful spicy crustacean juice drip down my arm when I tear of their tails. Many foods are simply designed to leave you covered in grim… And there’s no problem with that.

It’s the times you get stuck with dinners that aren’t designed to leave every consumer covered in their remains, that becomes awkward. In general, I could care less about looking like a slob, I haven’t worn a tie in years, and “bed head” is my go-to in the mornings. But when you sit down to a nice meal at a classy joint, and your table is the only one looking like a one-year old’s bib, is when you suddenly get some feelings of insecurity.

I was just recently working in NY and decided to venture out to China Town to get our favorite food in the “City”… Japanese shabu shabu. Basically its a Asian take on a fondu sort of meal, where raw fish, meat, and vegetables get dunked into a boiling pot of broth at your table. The Japanese really take pride in their foods and seem to have amazingly elegant dishes that are plated and presented to diners in often over-the-top ways.

We were the only non-Asians in the cramped restaurant, and while we can handle chopsticks better than the typical Gringo, the Fed Up team was no match for the native chopstick wielders. Our dinner was great, but our table was a disaster, and scornful looks from servers and our neighboring dinners, left us feeling embarrassed. Our table was messy; slippery seafood slid from our chopstick’s grasp, sauces had splattered across the table, and morsels of meat managed to miss our mouth and bounce between glasses.
We truly looked like barbarians when compared to the spotless tables around us.

The food was excellent, the experience wonderful; but I don’t think the manager wants to see us show up at their fine establishment again and ruin the harmony with our filth.





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Author:Mr. Fed Up

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