Fed Up on “FroYo”

First of all the term “fro-yo,” what all the cool kids call frozen yogurt, just angers me. Seriously, you don’t need to make a trend seem even more like a fad by giving it a cheesy name like “Fro-yo.” I like frozen yogurt, but I can’t bare to lose all masculinity by saying “I am going to go get some FroYo, wana join me?”

But an annoyingly abbreviated name is not my main issues with frozen yogurt. I mean the stuff tastes good, can be healthy (although many are just posers of nutrition), and comes in a wide range of favors and price options to fit everybody’s personal requirements.

While frozen yogurt has become a common staple found on every corner of suburban Americana…it still has not conquered many other countries’ strip malls. The Fed Up’s Swiss corespondent (The Swiss Cheese) simply stated that there in no frozen yogurt in her mountainous country, and that there was no reason for it. Why resort to yogurt, when there are so many other frozen treats….of course there is ice cream, but in New Orleans there is snoballs, in the north their is frozen custard, and the Mc Flurry has got a solid worldwide presence. And in Switzerland there is even the Mc Flurry Tolberone (you can only imagine how good that has to be)….Why has frozen yogurt gotten nearly as popular as it has, when there are just so many other options out there?

I love a good cup of quality FROZEN YOGURT, but I pass on the FroYo nonsense

Plus, frozen yourt is deceptively expensive. Whether it is at the over priced mecca chains or at the small self-serv spots, a trip to the yogurt shop can be a wallet emptying experience.  The big chains charge a lot by often claiming superior or exotic ingredients, and we are often willing to pay the high fee for their name brand (just like we shell out way too much at Starbucks for a cup-o-joe).  And at the local places we regularly get the locally produced, all natural, environmentally friendly, vegan,  or home-made spiel which all result in the explanation for the overwhelming price. But lets say you get some frozen yogurt that really does meet your nutritional/health standards by being low calorie, nonfat, no sugar added or if the ingredients of the yogurt is truly made from quality ingredients, so that the upfront cost seems fair…there are always those sneaky tricks where money is snatched away from us. These include self-serv spots where each cup is massive, meaning you are guaranteed to end up buying more yogurt then you originally intended, or even those heavy toppings which add up once your cup is weighed and totaled.  All of this results in you spending far more on your date than you originally intended.

Anyway, here in America a frozen yogurt shop has opened on every block and a new one seems to be scheduled to be open each week. I am pretty sure they have run out of names for these yogurt slinging shops…I bet that like the numerous taco joints in San Antonio that simply go by the name “Mexican Restaurant,” the next local frozen yogurt shop is going to simply result to calling itself something equally as generic and bland as the product they may end up serving.

Toppings; a requirement for any decent frozen yogurt shop

So how does a frozen yogurt shop stand out, how do they differentiate? Here in New Orleans some places brag about their low calorie options while others make claims of being truly healthy and filled with nutritional benefits…some are true, but many of the big chain yogurt dealers are advertising health, but really just dealing sugary concoctions not much better than a pixie stick (those flavored packets of sugar we all were addicted to as children). Of course some shops think their ultra cool and modern atmosphere will make them unique, but really every yogurt shop’s interior is something that was sprouted from Mars. I have seen clever use of topping bars where anything from green tea extract and fresh fruit to gummy worms and cookie dough are offered to make your frozen treat even more of a treat. But really any yogurt shop has to have a decent range of toppings to stand a chance in the overcrowded marketplace.

"Bottoms," kind of pointless and not really different from what was found on the toppings bar. But still clever.

So how do you make a toppings bar different? Well I just came across a “bottoms bar” at a new place that opened up. Ok, so the toppings and bottoms were pretty much the same thing just located on opposite sides of the store, but the idea was unique.

In all honesty, Mrs. Fed Up and I enjoy a cup of healthy frozen yogurt often. It’s just that in a world with so many damn good foods, I hate to see an empty lot that could be reserved for a truly new delicacy rather than just another “Fro-Yo Restaurant.”

It’s just how annoying how hip frozen yogurt is, I kind of like if it resorted to its hippie-subculture roots….I bet it would be cheaper then too.


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