Whole Paycheck

Sometimes we all get a little fed up with paying a month's salary for a few organic vegetables and environmentally friendly toilet paper.

Don’t get me wrong…Whole Foods is great.

The Fed Up crew constantly is there picking up some food (and plenty of free samples). Its just that Whole Foods is always so expensive.

At least when you step into a Whole Foods, you are prepared to hand over your paycheck…unlike Sam’s which was perviously written about being deceptively costly.

Yes, its wonderful going to this mecca of all things natural and organic and buying some rare piece of fruit that was hand picked from the highest Himalayan mountain, then transported by yak to a small canoe where a lone sailor crossed the ocean, so that we could happily have a snack that makes our co-workers jealous.

Its just that going to Whole Foods always means leaving with an empty wallet, but I guess its worth it….right?


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Author:Mr. Fed Up

A guy looking for good grub. and YES....I have a website...and I am not going to bore you with one of those personal journal type of blogs. I promise. Check it out; www.FedUpFood.com


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