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When nasty food can always be just around the corner, you need to be prepared with an energy bar on hand that actually is tasty.

I am constantly on the road.  Because of my nomadic lifestyle, I have learned that while occasionally I am gifted with a surprisingly tasty meal, many times the lack of control over what is served during my trips can be an utterly awkward disaster leaving me sick, disgusted, hungry, or the  terrible combo of all three.

So now I rely on a bag full of bars to power me up and secretly snack on if I have to face a dinning disaster during my business trips. At home I have a stash of power/energy bars ready to go in to my suitcase, or grab at a moments notice if I know the day ahead will leave me lacking a decent meal.

I have tried many, MANY brands and flavors of power bars, always carefully assessing two critical elements: taste and nutrition.

I am not sure where you draw the line between candy bar and power/energy bar…Snickers has made things even more confusing by  creating their line of Marathon bars…

This Cookies and Cream flavored  Promax bar tastes amazing. The nutrition isn’t too bad, and earns it a place in the Fed Up Freaking Healthy category.  For a product positioned as a healthy, “natural” energy/meal replacement bar, this thing really does tastes very, VERY good.

I have tried other flavors, but this cookies and cream one has got to be one of the better options. Ok…so its not quite like eating a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream, BUT it does actually taste cookie-and-creamy. It will definitely satisfy your craving for a decadent desert, without being too sweet. And there really is the taste of cookie in there. Its NOT just good marketing.  Try this bar, you will be happy that it tastes this good considering it is being sold as a natural energy bar; especially after you have tried many of the tasteless options sold by the competition.

"Cream" outside, "cookie" inside. Little "cookie" morsels mixed in with the filling add a nice textural difference by giving a little crunch.

Additional points go to the texture of this Promax bar. When trying to multitask, an especially messy eating experience is avoided with this bar by NOT being too crumbly or gooey; yet the bar is also not so dense that a plasma cuter is required for consumption.  It is a nice bonus when you discover a bar that perfects the elusive soft-hard textural balance, and  can survive being tossed around in a messenger bag all day without becoming a package of completely melted  mush.

On, and because this whole world is so shallow; Looks are important to energy bars too. While it may not have the aesthetics  of a beautifully laid out sushi platter, the Promax Cookies and Cream bar does a nice job of looking tasty by using a cream colored coating that contrasts with the Oreo-colored interior. More importantly, the simple fact that unlike so many other energy bars, this bar does not literally look like dog crap, means that Promax definitively passes the low standard set in the power bar beauty contest.

Seriously, go BUY THIS BAR. You never know when a crappy meal will be served and you will have to rely on something that does not taste (or look) like dog crap.

Ok. So this bar actually does taste good...and NO I was not paid to say this, I actually have tried many MANY energy bars, and this one is definitely one of the better ones out there that meets my nutritional and taste standards.


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Author:Mr. Fed Up

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