I Think I’am Turning Japanese

Magical Japanese seasoning turns you into a culinary professional.

The whole Fed Up team travels way too much. One of the great things about seeing the places on the other side of the world, are all the crazy tasty culinary delights.

Whenever I am in Hong Kong for work, one of my favoirte things to do is pass by a local grocery store that caters to the various cultures of this massive city’s expat population. Hong Kong really has become a city crowded with people from all over the world who choose to leave their home country in search of something else…

So there are these grocery stores in Hong Kong that cover such a range of food from different countries, that it is scary. I mean there are Frosted Flakes next to live squid, there are sushi rolls in the same prepared food section as French pastries, and there is beef jerky hanging right next to dried shrimp chips. You really need to pay attention to what you grab, because you could easily pick up a bag of fermented soybeans mistaking it for a bag of roasted peanuts…

One of my favorite things to pick up whenever I make the trip to Hong Kong is a few seasonings that originate from Japan. There is an amazing Japanese spicy red chile powder that goes great in stirfrys. I actually have carried a little shaker of this stuff into cheap Chinese joints, so that I can give the food a little kick. But then there is also the various Japanese spice mixes that are the secret ways to season your food so that it comes out tasting just like the best dish you ordered from your favorite Japanese resturant. I can take a simple Japanese eggplant, roast it and top it with some of this magical dust, and suddenly I have created something that makes my friends wonder if I am some sort of Culinary Institute drop-out, or maybe somehow the son of Iron Chef Morimoto and Cat Cora.

So keep your eyes open for “Ichimi Togarashi” or that special Japanese spicy red pepper. Add either one to rice, or fish, or pretty much anything to make it taste uniquely Japanese. Seriously, this stuff is awesome.


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3 Comments on “I Think I’am Turning Japanese”

  1. April 2, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    Whenever I am traveling, I my first stop is the local grocery store too. My husband thinks I am crazy!

    Your simple eggplant sounds amazing….must try if I can get my hands on this seasoning.

    • April 2, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

      Hi Seaside Baker,
      Ya, I love this seasoning…but I love many seasoning that are unique and not common in the USA. You should have seen how crazy I went while visiting markets in Morocco.

      And seriously, try the eggplant. It is amazing even if you don’t have the same seasonings.

      Thanks for reading, and remember,
      Stay fed up, stay fed well


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