American Colonization

I am lucky enough to be sitting in the business lounge of United Airlines in Korea.
All business lounges usually have some type of free food, so I always take the opportunity to stock up.

After dropping my bags in a chair, I hunt down the buffet table, and check out the “first class” delicacies being offered. I see bite sized snacks, elaborate hourderves, and plenty of top-shelf drinking options (the airlines all know how critical alcohol is to many passengersrs about to go airborne).

I then smell the beautiful scent of freshly toasted bread. It is one of those smells that really needs to be put into candle-form…or at least some sort of car freshener. I immediately follow my nose and head towards the bread section of this bountiful buffet.

That’s when I spot it; confirmation that America has continued to colonize the world with its utterly unique food.

Right in amongst all the various fancy foods, America had made its mark. Sitting on a beautiful platter right next to the assorted toast toppers, speciality spreads and exotic Asian accompaniments… Kraft Cheese Singles.

This cheese is proudly an AMERICAN product. And we want no one to forget it, as the packaging clearly demonstrates.

Yes, those little individual wrapped squares of “cheese.” I have all ready gone in to the amazing powers of cheese (both artisanal and industrial, including these “Singles”), so there is no reason to elaborate on how ALL cheese can perform miraculous acts of tastiness.

These cheese singles are truly an American cheese. They were engineered in the good-ole USA where the desire for convince, low cost and meltability managed to override the fear of using chemicals and industrial production techniques on a item we commonly consume. But we proudly claim and brand this unique cheese, “AMERICAN”…just look at the packaging. But it really is one of our great, if not understated, gifts to the world.

What was simply astonishing to me was to be here in Korea, in an elaborate first-class-lounge where the unpretentious American cheese single was put on such a high pedestal. This brown-bag-sandwich cheese was considered to be worthy enough to be served alongside such high-end and gourmet items.

Our humble AMERICAN cheese has captured the hearts, minds, and stomachs of another culture. American cheese along with the help of such other uniquly American creations like American Idol, have helped the The-Land-of-the-Free continue to “colonize.”

Only the Swiss managed to brand their foods as successfully...but I say if it is cheese and it is a single slice individually wrapped in plastic, then it is really American cheese (no matter what the package says).

Ok, to be truly fair, America is adapting other culture’s creations too. In reality, it really is a two-way street. This spreading of foods, ideas, knowledge, and products amongst all the nations of the world is actually a beautiful thing. I mean…What would a date night be without a Japanese restaurant to eat at? Where would we be if there were no taco’s to be found? And how the hell could we possibly survive with out pizza?

…but still, I think it is nice to see such a humble American product rise to such high levels of prominence in another country.  Today was a good day for America and a great day for eaters of all nations.

Few other foods get such a large amount of refrigerated shelf space as our beloved American cheese. I am always amazed at how many options a grocery store usually has...I am pretty sure it is because we are just so damn patriotic.


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Author:Mr. Fed Up

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15 Comments on “American Colonization”

  1. March 25, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    I’m not a fan of this processed cheese but this was a great post.

    • March 25, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

      Hi Living Patterns,
      I am glad you like the post…even if we have to disagree on the virtues of American Cheese. HA.

      I agree that a good Swiss Gruyere or a nice aged cheddar are tastier cheeses and I more often then not will pick one of these over anything processed… but there is still a place and a time where the prefect solution is a simple slice of American cheese.

      I actually wrote about the satisfying goodness of simple meals:

  2. way2bfinicky
    April 3, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    I cringe at the thought of how American Cheese is ‘created’. However, it’s still my favorite [only] in a grilled cheese sandwich. There is no other option! Dammit! Now I’m hungry!


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