Proving A Food Philosophy: More Tastiness from Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life has a huge range of cookies and they recently introduced their “Crunchy” variety…will they stand up to the high-taste expectations set by their granola and other products?

At Fed Up, we like to support our Rants, Recommendations and various food beliefs with concrete evidence. We know how important carefully compiled data and cited references are for all you students out there basing your college term paper on a Fed Up posts. So today we prove a recent Food Philosophy from an earlier post.

The Fed Up team was invited to try some of Enjoy Life’s newest cookie creations. Enjoy Life products are ALREADY held in high regard by the Fed Up team. Their granolas are a personal favorite.

So…now it was time to prove one of Fed Up’s most recent food philosophies: If you love one product from a company, then new brand extensions from that same company are likely to be mighty tasty if that company uses their experience and expertise from their current successes…In short: companies who use their expertise can be counted on to make new products that taste damn good.

The cookies having to face the Fed Up rigorous taste-test: Soft Baked Chocolate, Soft Baked Gingerbread Spice, Crunchy Chocolate Chip, and Crunchy Sugar Crisp

Enjoy Life, known for their gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, fish-free, hypoallergenic foods have recently introduced a line of cookies…but not any cookie…these are labeled as “CRUNCHY.” These new cookies are in addition to the “Now-Even-Tastier,” “Soft Baked” cookies that Enjoy Life has had on the market for a little while now.   The flavors that the Fed Up team was sent to examine were definitely alluring…anything called “Gingerbread Spice” or “Sugar Crisp”  has got my attention. There was also a “Brownie” flavor and  your required “Chocolate-Chip” variety.

I am not much of a ‘Cookie Monster’ (I am not blue, I don’t know how to get to Sesame Street, and I rarely eat cookies), so I had to  rely on the Fed Up’s taste test crew: the ‘Hungry Neighbors’ to provide valuable cookie-insight. After hours of careful analyzation and scrutinous study of  even the most minor flavor and texture components of these cookies, we came to a conclusive result….

Do new foods from the same brand taste equally as good as a brand’s previous successes? Is the Fed Up Food Philosophy solidly grounded with supportive conclusions???

The labels clearly list how hypoallergenic friendly these cookies are…but the packaging does go a little too far in using EVERY possible marketing ‘buzz’ term to generate interest: “Handcrafted,” “Tastier,” “Crunchy,” “Soft Baked,” “No Artificial Anything,” “All Natural”…it seems a bit much.

We are pleased to say YES! Enjoy Life cookies also get the highly coveted Fed Up Recommendation, like their granola. If you are a fan of the rest of Enjoy Life’s products then you will likely enjoy these too. The company used its expertise to craft these cookies, and it shows. The Fed Up’s “Hungry Neighbors” reported that the texture on both the ‘Crunchy’ and ‘Soft Baked’ cookies was great. The taste was good…not overly flavor-packed, but still an enjoyable cookie. The Ginger Bread Cookie was the favorite of the four, and as one of Fed Up’s “Hungry Neighbors”  put it: “It’s like a ginger snap sans the potential tooth breakage. The touch of spice goes a long way.” However the chocolate flavored cookie did disappoint, due to the HIGH expectations set by the name on the packaging: “Double Chocolate Brownie.” With a name like that, the Fed Up team was hoping for a much stronger chocolaty taste. And the “Sugar Cookie Crisp” flavor was the least popular…but this is simply because who likes sugar cookies any way when there are flavors like “Gingerbread Spice” available? Isn’t a ‘sugar’ cookie, just a nice way of saying PLAIN?!?

But besides these few complaints, the Enjoy Life cookies were eagerly eaten. They had a hearty sustenance which left you filling satisfied after a few bites, but the smell of the opened box lured people in for a second serving!  So even if you are NOT allergic to everything, and you want a tasty snack; then give Enjoy Life’s cookies a chance. They may not replace your go-to favorites, but you are going to realize that going gluten-free does NOT mean going hungry.

Enjoy Life successfully validated the Fed Up Food Philosphy. These glutin-free cookies meet the taste standards set by Enjoy Life’s other quality products….now if they could just be littler cheaper, they would make this stynge shopper even happier.


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