It’s OK to be a Squirrel

I am tired of people telling me to eat what is offered.  I think too many people just give in to the peer pressure of the food thrown in their face.

I fully understand the benefits of why one should enjoy the local delicacies when traveling or order a restaurant’s “house speciality” when dining out. You are almost guaranteed to get something enjoyable to eat.

But sometimes I just want to eat what I want to eat.

This green ‘snack sack’ of mine is almost always stashed in my messenger bag. The pouch is packed with everything from protein bars (which save me from crappy airplane food), to small shakers filled with my homemade seasoning (which save me from any potential blandness). I like having healthy options with me at all times to avoid ever having to  resort to junk from fast food joints. 

I don’t care if I am in Nappa Valley being offered organic wines. Or in Tokyo getting served sashimi tuna. Or even in Willy Wonka’s factory and where Ever-Lasting Gobstoppers and Chocolate Golden Eggs are being presented by singing Oompa-Loompas.  There are just moment when I DON’T want to eat what in being put in front of me regardless of how good it is supposed to be or whose grandmother handed down this secret recipe.

I say embrace your inner squirrel and learn to stock up before you head out…

Seriously. Learn from the bushy-tailed rodents and pack-away a few tasty morsels to nourish you when you are just not in the mood for the food on the table.

There are obvious times when stashing your own ‘comfort-grub’ is critical…such as on any flight over 2 hours long, or when working late at the office, or whenever traveling in any part of Eastern Europe (Sorry Russia, but I am simply not a fan of your food). But even if you are in Italy, it is always nice to have something on hand that you can count on to calm your cravings. Plus, having a well stocked arsenal of edible items on hand can allow you to be creative, resulting in surprisingly tasty snacks which combine random foods and fresh ingredients that all can result in new favorites.

Here are some examples of the snacks that keep the Fed Up team satisfied no matter where in the world they are. Quality granola makes breakfast always beautiful, dried fruit and trail mixes can be added to other foods to make them tastier, and energy bars stash easily. Oh, and drink mixes turn any boring bottle of H2O into a better beverage.

The Fed Up team relies on a range of things to keep us and our stomachs happy. There are amazing food finds from companies like Enjoy Life, that stash easily. There are truly tasty energy bars and protein bars which can be deployed in a moments notice. Dried fruit is freaking awesome on its own or added to any breakfast bowl. Cereal, candies and crackers are always good additions to any snack sack. Drink mixes make water something far tastier. If you are like me and require meals to meet your own ridiculously high home-made-standards, then bringing along some sauces and seasonings is always a good idea to turn any pre-cooked lunch into something more acceptable. And if your breath reeks because you went a little over broad on the seasoning, having mints on hand is handy, and they are also believed to help hold of hunger.

Ignore the peer pressure of the frustrated waiter or the grumpy grandparents when you decided that you rather eat something other than their specialties they shove in your direction. It is OK to trust your gut sometimes and just eat what YOU want. So be a squirrel and prepare for those hard times when what you crave is just not being served.

Some of the food I typically pack for a trip. The collection here was for a two-week trip working in Europe. 


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