Toasting To Good Memories

Today I mourn the sad loss of a beloved friend…

My trusty toaster oven has been one of the few ‘constants’ in my crazy life and it has provided me years of faithful service. From making a simple sandwich to making the perfect pizza, this old friend of mine never disappointed and will be missed greatly (…despite the frequent burns I received from it).

As I placed my old burnt-out toaster oven in a coffin-like box and walked to the trash, it was hard to say good-bye to the true friend who faithfully made many meals.

I accept the fact that after consistent use, this loyal appliance would one day be toast…I was aware that perfectly melted cheese meals, amazing sweet potatoes,  and many of my  favorite ‘Fed Up Dishes‘ could only be delivered for a finite time from this old relic. I knew that I got my money’s worth and I am grateful for its years of reliable service and truly stunned that the poor thing held up for this long considering the constant workload I demanded from it.

So I have accepted the loss and I am prepared to move on…
I have already purchased and set up my new high-end, over-priced toaster oven. It is the closest equivalent option on  the  market to my retired toaster oven. But this new own is just not the same…

*Why do ALL new appliances seem to be more plastic than metal? They just seem more fragile.

*Why do the updated versions of our favorite kitchen devices often look crappy? I miss the bad ass-industrial look that I have grown accustomed to (Yes…I did use the term ‘badass’ to describe a kitchen appliance), and I hate the ‘preppy’ appearance of so many of the new products.

*Why does there have to be a digital screen on EVERYTHING? I stare at the screen on my computer, my TV, my phone, and even my damn music storage device (ipod) all day ; I really don’t want my freaking toaster oven to have a screen too! Is there no place still sacred!?!

*Why is there so many freaking buttons and beeps?  A simple set of dial controls and pure silence is always preferable in this chaotic life of ours.

*Why does everything have to be so damn complicated? The kitchen is confusing enough as it is already; I really don’t need each new appliance I purchase to have a thousand settings, and require a graduate degree in engineering to operate. It really is scary when the instruction ‘booklet’ of your toaster oven is  thicker than my Jeep’s owners manual.

Shiny and new, but filled with too many buttons and confusing settings…this new toaster oven will have a lot to prove.

Well today as I placed my old, trusty toaster oven in a coffin-like box and took it out to the trash, I looked hopefully at the  shiny new device sitting on my counter. I have high expectations that the latest in toaster-oven-technology  will be able prove its worthiness like the antiquated reliable design of my old faithful friend managed to do.


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Author:Mr. Fed Up

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8 Comments on “Toasting To Good Memories”

  1. November 9, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    I am with you in appliances should look a little badass and not cheap, plasticy looking! Hopefully your new toaster oven gives you many years of great eats:)

    • November 9, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

      Yep….regardless of the crummy looks…if it can make good food, I will be happy.

  2. November 9, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    Nooooo! I hope this one treats you well for many years.
    I hate how everything is flimsy and digital these days. Buttons and dials are the easiest way to go, I say. (The only digital thing I’m ok with is a microwave. haha!)

    • November 11, 2012 at 10:37 am #

      Plus, the simplicity of dials just LOOKS cooler! I think R2D2 is pretty cool, but I don’t necessarily think all I want to have a StarWars ‘droid’ sitting on my kitchen counter. and I am sure the screen is going to be useless soon at the workload I demand from my toasteroven

  3. November 14, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    More importantly, dials are dumb. Dumb is good.

    I’ve got a microwave oven (a Goodmans TCB20SG) which has a “quick start” button which automatically makes it run for 30 seconds at full blast (and another 30 seconds for each additional time pressed) and a regular “start” button which you use after setting grill settings, timer, etc. Makes sense? Well, it doesn’t.

    When you hit the regular start button without entering anything else… “beep-beep”, and the appliance refuses to do anything. Noo, you have to press the “quickstart” button then.

    When you enter a time, grill settings, temperature and then hit quickstart: “beep-beep”.

    When you’re defrosting and it’s time to turn the defrostable items and you hit quickstart: “beep-beep”. If you press “start”: “beep-beep”. No, you *must* open the door and close it to “prove” to this stubborn appliance that you’ve turned your defrostable item. Same sort of thing goes for preheating the convection oven and actually cooking food in there.

    Here’s a crazy idea, microwave: What about *I* tell *you* what to do, instead of the other way around. And keep that “you pressed the wrong start button” attitude to yourself. If you know it’s the wrong button, you can figure out what the right one was supposed to be.


    • November 14, 2012 at 2:13 pm #

      Haha…sounds like you need a new microwave! I will always take a dumbed-down gadget if possible. I don’t want to think about how to use the appliance, I just want to think about how to cook the food. A ‘smart-ass’ microwave may have special features which allow it to cook scientifically better food; but if it is such a pain to use than NOTHING will ever get made.


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