Stop Sniffing the Flowers…EAT THEM

How we interpret the ‘taste’ of the foods we stuff our face with, is highly dependent on how our other senses perceive things. This is especially the case with ‘smell.’ Our sense of smell plays a huge role in the way we experience a food’s flavor and what we think it ‘tastes’ like.

A jar of Swiss seasoning made from dried herbs and flowers.

If smell and taste work together to determine flavor, then it makes sense that things that ‘smell’ good often ‘taste’ good as well…So it seems the majority of the worlds thinks flowers smell nice (but I personally will take the aroma of grilled onions and roasted garlic ANY day over the smell of some stupid floral-scented air freshener). This got me wondering, why the Hell is the world not gorging themselves on daisies and tulips? …maybe because while flowers may have a pleasant fragrance, their petals are just not nearly as palatable…but still I questioned if flowers should be eaten or not…

I had never eaten flowers before, but the concept seems to be becoming more and more trendy in gourmet restaurants, where delicate posies are replacing parsley as garnishes.  But, the Fed Up Swiss correspondent recently gifted me a tiny jar of seasoning that was composed of a mix of dried herbs and flowers picked from pristine Alpine pasture.

At first I was skeptical of using this stuff on a home-cooked meal for fear of destroying the dish. I then realized that even if I ruined my carefully crafted creation by using  the Swiss seasoning, I could always resort to a big bowl of cereal for dinner (which is not a bad thing at all). So I topped my entire entrée with a pile of the dried herb/flower mix and took a big bite.


Damn. It was damn good.

Goat cheese, broccoli, beet, chicken, red onion flat-bread pizza topped with flowers…Ok. So sounds like a girl pizza once ‘flowers’ get involved…but it did taste damn good.

The mix gave the meal a nice, bright floral component that made my meal far more enjoyably and interesting. The flavor was mild, yet it provided a distinctive accent to my dinner. Plus, the bold colors of the flowers really elevated the aesthetics of my dinner and made it all look ‘pretty'(I feel I just lost all masculinity because I got excited that my home-cooked meal looked ‘pretty’).

So stop sniffing flowers and start adding them to your recipes. Not only will they give your meal that unique flavor edge to stand out from the frozen TV dinners that many people consume each night, but suddenly you will seem like a Michelin-starred chef when you serve ANYTHING that is graced by the bright colors some stupid flowers provide.

The flowers added bright flakes of color and tasted good with the goat cheese


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2 Comments on “Stop Sniffing the Flowers…EAT THEM”

  1. November 22, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    I’ve never seen it chopped up that way. Now that the holidays are here, the fresh herb section, at the store, has the packages of edible flowers in with the other fresh herbs.

    • November 26, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

      Just yesterday I saw ‘flowers’ in the herb section of our local store. That was new to me!

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