Thanksgiving Leftover Awesomeness: The best use for eveything you wish you could have eaten on Thanksgiving

Leftovers seem to get a bad rap all the time…often times they are exiled to the far corners of the fridge in hopes of being  forgotten about and tossed out once they develop a trash-worthy layer of mold. And I agree, fresh is almost always better, but random bits from previous meals do have their culinary use…With a little creativity and a fridge full of slowly deteriorating pre-cooked dinners, you would be amazed at all the possibilities. Omelets, stirfys, and salads can all benefit from the  addition of leftovers. But the ultimate leftover-creation is The Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza.

Plenty of people make sandwiches with their turkey leftovers…yet that is pathetic when you could be eating pizza…There are many variations of The Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza. It seems like everybody has their own version to fit what leftovers are readily available.

It is always good to be cautious when mixing such vastly different flavors together, but in general most everything form a Thanksgiving dinner works nicely on a single leftover pizza. Think about it…half the time your overcrowded Thanksgiving dinner plate becomes one giant hodgepodge of tastiness as all your sides slowly begin to expand past their ‘borders’ and mix into one another.

The Fed Up Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza: It may not be as beautiful as a fully loaded Thanksgiving dinner table complete with a whole bird as the centerpiece, but it is arguably just as tasty.

The Fed Up Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza involves the following:

*Gravy; as the ‘sauce.’

*Mashed Sweet Potato; as a ‘base’ layer.’

*Sliced Turkey Breast; scattered across the pizza.

*Broccoli; because you need to have something green on the plate adding some color and you can never have too many vegetables.

*Carrot Mush (a Fed Up holiday delicacy…basically just baby food); dolloped on top of everything.

*Sharp Cheddar Cheese; it’s pizza, cheese needs to be involved right?!?

*Gravy Drizzled over the top; It just taste so damn good with extra gravy.

*Chunky Cranberry Sauce(room temperature); Added post bake and really completing the Thanksgiving experience.

*Garlic, Thyme, and Black Pepper; Proper seasoning makes everything taste even better.

I wait all year for the day after Thanksgiving so that I can make my Leftover Pizza. I actually am MORE excited about this  pizza than almost any single other meal I eat during the holidays. I bet after your first bite, you too will be craving this pizza more than same old traditional holiday dinner…just don’t tell your Grandmother.


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5 Comments on “Thanksgiving Leftover Awesomeness: The best use for eveything you wish you could have eaten on Thanksgiving”

  1. November 24, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    Thanksgiving pizza! You’re a genius! It’s so pretty


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