Maniac Mike’s Magical Medicinal Meals: EVOO

I am happy to introduce to you a new Fed Up team member, ‘Maniac Mike,’ who happily provides  deep insight into the world of food for good. He shares his deep wisdom with the Fed Up team and has described how the food we already stuff or faces with can actually become ‘Magical Medical Meals’…that is right, Maniac Mike has a strong opinion that the stuff we stock our kitchen with has medicinal properties…

Fed Up Food Olive Oil Shot

A drink to good health?


Maniac Mike and any other opinions/thoughts/beliefs/advice found here on are NOT to be taken too seriously and outside consultation is always recommended before you follow any of the crazy rants,reviews,or recommendations on this site. But hey…we did ‘discover’ that Italians love cream cheesebrussels spouts are tasty, the Swiss have some weird drinks and we have introduced the world to some wonderful tasty combos…so we can’t be complete fools…

Maniac Mike’s first Magical Medical Meal that he is eagerly told the Fed Up team about was a simple shot of olive oil. But not just any olive oil…It has to be Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or ‘EVOO’…what all the kids at the back of the bus call it). Oh, and ‘cold pressed’ too. It is kind of stupid how many different types of olive oil a typical grocery store carries. While I am all up for variety, sometimes it just makes shopping too damn difficult.

So according to Maniac Mike, you are supposed to just take a shot of ‘cold-pressed-Extra-Virgin-Olive-Oil’ each day. After you hit the snooze button for the last time and finally stumble out of bed, he recommends gulping down a half to a full shot of the stuff before you start your day. He claims the benefits of this shot to the gut are almost limitless:

*It makes you crave less fatty foods throughout the day

*It provides you a healthy dose of nutrients and good-fats (yes ‘good fats’ are a ‘thing’)

*You will have less blood pressure spikes so that things balance out and your day become more mellow

*You will have the ability to leap tall building in a single bound

Dozer, the Fed Up souse-chef considered the benefits of olive oil. But he thinks eating lizards and toilet paper are of more interest.

Dozer, the Fed Up souse-chef considered the benefits of olive oil. But he thinks eating lizards and toilet paper are of more interest.

Ok… so maybe I lied about the last one. But Maniac Mike does say he definitely feels like Superman after his daily shot of EVOO. And if you do your own quick Google search, you will find plenty of far more credible sources touting the benefits of this ‘olive-juice.’ Ok. I have not seen anyone else saying that each morning we should all be taking a full shot of  EVOO  alongside our OJ, but it seems that there is some legitimacy to the  health benefits provided by the stuff.

Is a shot of olive oil in the morning something you should be toasting to every day? Maybe. So do your own research. Or you could  just blindly  follow Maniac Mike’s advice…while he may not be a doctor or  have a degree in nutrition, he does have a bunch of cool tattoos and lives on a boat…that has to count for something.



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2 Comments on “Maniac Mike’s Magical Medicinal Meals: EVOO”

  1. January 8, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    I don’t know about drinking a shot of it on a daily basis, but half a cap full in bath water once a week during the cold winter months really helps fight winter-time dry skin.

    • January 9, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

      Haha. And so ANOTHER benefit of EVOO!

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