Archive | February, 2013

Be a Macgyver

The situation: It’s zero-three-hours since our plane was supposed to depart. We are now officially stuck in transport-limbo. We were all herded off the plane and  imprisoned  in the Paris airport lounge.  We are all anxiously waiting for our flight to be ‘green-lighted.’ My fellow would-be-passengers are getting combative, as the clock slowly passes lunch […]

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Guard Your Nuts!

WTF…WHERE ARE ALL THE CHESTNUTS?!? Chestnuts, dried and vacuum sealed are a staple in many European grocery stores. And I see the all them time in Asia (this includes a Hong Kong 7 Eleven where their own store-brand packets were being sold). They are usually meant to be added to recipes and I have come […]

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It’s OK to resort to room service

I was tired, cranky, and hungry. I was traveling for business, and after a busy day all I wanted to do was head to my hotel room at the Hilton in downtown Atlanta. Atlanta’s downtown is depressingly bleak when it comes to decent restaurants. There are a few options that will satisfy you, but long […]

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