Get Rich Quick

To get rich quick, just feed off of America’s fat…

Any savvy business-orientated person can quickly cash in on the fast-food-obsessed nation we live in.

Get yourself a fleet of these babies…

Fed Up Food KFC Scooters


Yep. This is a fleet of KFC motorcycles in India used to quickly bring fried chicken to the hungry masses. Besides this pack of KFC-branded bikes was an equally impressive collection from McDonald’s mighty ranks that do Ronald’s bidding. In the USA we have plenty of pizza and Chinese takeout delivery dudes;  but WHY did pizza and Asian food get the monopoly on delivery? WHERE are all the vehicles for the rest of the cuisines?!? I much rather have Red Lobster dropped off on at my door step when I don’t feel like making a giant mess of myself in public as I tear apart crustaceans. Why are there no Taco Bell taxis to compete with all of those damn trucks this country is so infatuated by?   Has Wendy never pulled back her red hair and seen that automobiles exist?

I know that in many major American cities there is actually a decent range of food that can be delivered to your door. But it just seems that America is a huge step behind India, and many other nations, in terms of having a vast network of food delivery options. I just can’t seem to see how Subway and (even the stateside Colonel Sanders and his KFCs) have yet to enlist packs of motorized vehicles to make fast-food even more convenient?!?

I really think there is some potential here in America for people to profit off of this nation’s appetite for being lazy and having food quickly delivered to their faces after only a quick phone call is made. But maybe it is a good thing that we do not make it even easier for Americans to fill themselves up…I am pretty sure often times the walk from their car to the restaurant entrance is the only excersise many people get.


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Author:Mr. Fed Up

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